RAICES founder, Sylvia Cabral


Unfortunately, this event has been cancelled.  We hope to put this on again sometime in the future.  Thank you all for your support.



RAICES founder, Sylvia Cabral
RAICES founder, Sylvia Cabral


Come get your fitness and dance on with RAICES founder Sylvia Cabral ’99 in her Latin/Urban Rhythmic Body Conditioning Class!

Date: Wednesday, April 10, 2013
Time: 6:30pm – 8:00pm
Place: Chelsea Studios – 151 West 26th Street, 6th Fl.
This class will be at a special price of $10 for all SU Alumni. Register here!

Rhythmic Body Conditioning uses different techniques to:

Engage and strengthen your muscles using series of specific isolated movements;
Challenge your balance, coordination skills, muscle memory with slow to quick movements;
Give you the foundation to really understand and control your body’s response to different rhythms; and
Allow you to experience and understand different rhythms/ beats and control and play with your body’s natural response

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Vamos Naranja!

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Sylvia Cabral

Sylvia began her formal training in Ballet and Jazz at the age of 3 at the Bronx Dance Theatre. At a young age she began using this technical training to dance to more mainstream Hip- Hop, R&B, and Pop music in her own way, which began her journey into choreography and the fusion of dance styles. The freedom to express movement through this music gave her a love and respect for dance that led her to eventually pursue dance professionally.

She successfully auditioned her 1st choreography piece (African/Merengue Jazz number with 18 performers) and joined the DanceWorks organization at Syracuse University. Wanting to make a bigger impact with educating the university and community on Latin dance roots, she founded the 1st Latin American dance troupe, ‘Raices’ (Roots), at Syracuse University. She spent her last 2 years at the university promoting Raices, recruiting dedicated dancers, choreographing Salsa/Merengue, African, and Indigenous dance styles, finding opportunities to showcase work, as well as performing in numerous dances. The troupe has significantly grown since then, and is now one of the top dance groups at the university. As a graduate student, she worked with ballroom instructors to strengthen her technique in Mambo and taught Swing, Cha-Cha-Cha, Waltz, and Foxtrot.

Over the past several years, she has juggled a full-time job, taught Salsa/Latin jazz classes to groups and individuals, and further trained in different dance styles. However, during this time, she also intensely studied the body’s response to different rhythms to see if there are techniques that could help each student better control his/her body’s response to music. She has specifically worked with students of varying dance levels to understand and isolate effective techniques. Over time as the techniques became clearer and more refined, she started to see improvements in her students. Seeing the confidence and significant progress of her students who previously considered themselves “rhythmless” or “too shy” to dance was inspirational. Now she is ready to put 100% of her energy into her true passion to dance, choreograph, and teach and reach even more students. In this process, she has re-structured her classes to incorporate these techniques and introduce another way to “teach rhythm.” With a focus on Latin and Urban rhythms (includes African, HipHop, House, and Reggae styles), she has made it her goal to condition the student’s body so that the movements flow with the rhythm of the music and complement the techniques of the dance steps. She encourages her students to really make the most of the music.

She continues to intensely train in Lyrical Jazz/Contemporary, Ballet, Hip Hop, Theatre and Latin classes to further build her dance repertoire. She recently participated in two dance intensives: HipHop/Urban Dance Fitness and Salsa Partner Dancing technique. She became AFAA certified and has instructed intense fitness classes in several NY City gyms. She continuously challenges herself, as she would her students, and, as you will see in her classes, she continually reinvents herself and the styles that she teaches.

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