Alumni Profile: Ana Marte ’04

Please introduce yourself, the year you graduated, and what was your major when you graduated?

Ana P. Marte is a Senior Talent Manager with INROADS responsible for consulting with a diverse set of corporate sponsors, ranging from Retail and Telecommunications to Diverse Manufacturing, to fill talent needs and support hiring diversity initiatives. Currently she manages the intern sourcing process for 12+ corporate partners and coaches, trains, and provides year-round professional development to a minimum of 50+ underserved college interns.

Prior to working with INROADS, she was a Research Associate at non-profit research center The Worldwide Security Institute in Washington, DC. While there, she authored The 2007 Military Almanac, a 250-page yearly statistical guidebook on the U.S military; and co-authored a series of bi-weekly comprehensive fact sheets on the U.S. weapon systems.

Ana Marte has a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and a Masters of Arts in International Relations from Syracuse University. During her time at Syracuse she was heavily involved on campus and off- campus, mentoring HS students and promoting literacy to elementary school students. She is involved as a leader in several organizations, including College Access Consortium of New York, Inc. and the NY chapter of ALPFA.

She is the recipient of a Citation of Honor in Recognition of her Leadership by the Honorable Queens Borough President Helen M. Marshall, for her leadership, service and positive impact on the underserved/underrepresented student community at large in the City of New York.

As the first in her family to graduate college, travel internationally, and attend graduated school — Ana has committed her career to promoting the value of higher education and increasing diversity in corporate America. She resides in New York, NY and is the mother of a beautiful baby boy – Alexander James.

What was your Syracuse University experience like when you attended?

Syracuse is a place that I have since graduation held dear to me. As a Senior Manager at INROADS, I am always looking for the next Orangemen student leader to be an INROADER with one of my corporate sponsors. It was a difficult transition at first, but once I got into the swing of things, I tried my best to focus on my academics, securing additional funding so that I can finish my Bachelors and further develop my connection to students of my graduating class. I certainly made sure to take advantage of mentoring opportunities through the HEOP program, to assist my long-time mentor Ms. Denise Trionfero and to explore Political Science outside of the U.S participating in the London Study Abroad program. If I would have done anything differently, I would have completed my social sciences study, with a business degree from the Whitman School of Business, for sure!

What did you do post-SU?

As a part of the Institute for International Public Policy, a six-component program pre-graduate program with the mission to promote minority students within field of International Affairs I prepped for my GRE’s and applied to several Graduate programs. Within the year I spent in NYC, prior to returning to Syracuse to attend the Maxwell School of Citizenship as a International Relations graduate student – I mentored a few high-school students; volunteered my time at the American Civil Liberties Union, as a communications intern for The Prisoners Project; worked as a paralegal with the City of New York Department of Juvenile Justice and private law firm of Danker & Milstein.

What’s the best advice you would give to current students?

Maximize all opportunities afforded. Connected with as many professors, administrators and develop ties with their fellow peers. It’s been years since I graduated and I am still closely connected with my CUSE contacts. In terms of academics, I would encourage students to focus on developing their writing and communication skills; skills that will certainly impact their life-long professional success. You would be surprised how many college students struggle with their written/verbal communication skills and presentation skills upon entering the professional workforce. Additionally, as my CUSE INROADERS have come to know candidates and Interns alike – everyone despite their course of study should take the opportunity to Study Abroad.

What do you think about LANSU Scholarship?

I think the work of LANSU is critically needed on campus as well as within the CUSE alumni community. I always felt like I was often one of a couple dozen Latinas’ on campus during my time at CUSE, but to have seen the growth of the Latino community attending the University, is something that certainly make me proud. Increased enrollment and retention of Latino students, most certainly can be tied to the doors that the University as a whole has opened up to our community, but also to opportunities such as the LANSU Scholarship; as it assists in alleviating some of the financial stresses so that students can focus on achieving academic success at such a prestigious University, such as Syracuse.

Gracias Ana!

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