Alumni Profile: Patricia Dominguez ’99

Patricia Dominguez

Please introduce yourself, the year you graduated, and what was your major when you graduated?

I am half Colombian/half Dominican and I was born and raised in New York City.  Currently, I am a licensed veterinary dental technician specialist on the Upper West side of Manhattan.  I work at Gotham Veterinary Center doing dental work on cats and dogs primarily.  I graduated from SU with a degree in Biology and Spanish Literature.

What was your Syracuse University experience like when you attended?

My experience at SU was phenomenal!!! I loved every second of it and try to go back as much as possible. :)

What did you do post-SU?

After SU, I attended SUNY Delhi and got my degree/licence in veterinary nursing.  Once I got my licence, I started practicing on the upper west side of manhattan.  I got specialized in Veterinary Dentistry and have been doing dental work ever since.

What’s the best advice you would give to current students?

The best advice I could give current students is:

1) Enjoy every single moment you are there

2) Stay in school as long as possible

3) Take advantage of every single resource SU has to offer

What do you think about LANSU Scholarship?

I think it is an amazing opportunity.

Gracias Patricia!

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