Latino Alumni Network of Syracuse University
Latino Alumni Network of Syracuse University

Created in 2004 and ratified by the University in 2009, the mission of the organization is to increase the participation of Latino alumni in alumni activities while providing a connection with the students back on campus and contribute in a positive manner experientially, monetarily, or organizationally. We hope to accomplish these goals by putting on programs, workshops and events that will be relevant to the SU Latino Alumni community, developing relationships with Syracuse University offices that work primarily with our demographic, and helping alumni develop their networking skills.

We are a group under the Office of Program Development, so many of our programs already have connections between the campus and the world outside of Syracuse. For any questions, please use any of administrators.

Anthony Otero ’96

José Luis Vilson ’04 – Madelyn Garcia ’08 – Joselyn N. Tejeda ’08
Joe Cruz ’74 – Ghislaine Leon ’11- Emmelie De La Cruz ’12
Aline Murta ’10

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  1. I like the page guys. Happy to know you are making this happen, we “talked” about it so much in college. I’m 3,000 miles away, but always willing to help if I can.


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