LANSU Scholarship Instructions! (Updated)


Please remember that this is Our Time. We are looking to set a goal of 10k in order to make this a endowed scholarship that will effect future generations of Syracuse University students and alums. We need your help and remember, you do not need to give much and if you cannot give at all, then giving us your time will be just as helpful…

For your convenience, secure online giving to Syracuse University is available. Giving online can be made by credit card (all major credit credits accepted) or check. To make an online gift, please go to here and follow the instructions listed below:

Step 1: Indicate gift amount in the box.

Step 2: Indicate if this is a payment on a previous pledge (yes/no).

Step 3: Select the Latino Alumni Network of Syracuse University Scholarship Fund from the drop down menu.

Step 4: Complete the rest of the form as indicated.

Setting up a recurring payment plan

The “Gift Amount” indicates the TOTAL amount of money that will be donated when your recurring payment plan is completed.

For example, you would like to give $1,000 (“Gift Amount”) paid over 10 months. To do this, you would indicate a “Gift Amount” of $100 “Repeat Monthly” for 10 months ($100 x 10 = $1,000). Thus, each month, $100 would be charged to your credit card or deducted from your checking account. In another scenario, it might be $50 over 20 months ($50 x 20 = $1,000) or $25 a month for 40 months or $50 a month for 60 months resulting in a $3,000 gift over 5 years.

If you donate online, please send an e-mail to Miguel Sapp at masapp@syr.edu indicating the amount of the donation given or pledged.

Note: If paying by check, you will need the routing and account numbers of the account to be debited.

If you want to send checks or money orders, please make them payable to Syracuse University. On the memo line, indicate LANSU scholarship drive. Mail your gift to OTHC/LANSU Scholarship, Att: Miguel Sapp, Program Development, 820 Comstock Avenue, Suite 210, Syracuse, New York 13244-5040.

Once the process is complete, you will receive immediate confirmation of the information that you have submitted.

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