LANSU Mentorship Program

Greetings Fellow Alum,

We would like to begin by congratulating the graduating Class of 2011. Welcome to our network of esteemed alumni!

Created in 2004, LANSU’s mission is to increase the participation of Latino alumni in alumni activities and to provide our alumni with a connection to current students on campus. As an established group under the Office of Program Development, we strive to assist our alumni in contributing to the University community in a positive manner experientially, monetarily, or organizationally.

Having reorganized our organization this past fall in efforts to optimize our impact on the University community, we are excited to present our Mentorship program. To date there are approximately 3,300 graduates of Syracuse University who identify themselves of Latino decent. It is important, that we, as alumni of the University get involved to assist in the retention of Latino students on campus.

We are in hopes that through the development of our mentorship program current students will have an opportunity to learn the world of work, explore potential career paths and foster the necessary skills to succeed. In order to prove success to our mentorship program we are in need of established alumni to serve as mentors to our current undergraduates. If you are interested in joining our mentorship program and serving as a mentor please complete the Alumni profile attached to the bottom of this post. It will serve to assist in the matching of mentees to potential mentors. Ideally, we would like to kick off the mentorship program late this summer but we need your responses to make it happen!

Please feel free to contact either me or Madelyn Garciausing our contact form should you have any questions or concerns regarding the program. We look forward to working with all of you.

Have a wonderful summer!

Best regards,

Desiree Sanchez

VP of Communications

Alumni Profile

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